Resources for Referring Practitioners

How to make a referral to a LifeConnect Psychologist:

LifeConnect welcomes referrals from a wide variety of professionals, including Psychologists, Psychiatrists, General Practitioners, Community Nurses and other mental health care providers.  LifeConnect Psychologists are registered with the National Australian Psychology Society, which allows their clients to benefit from the new Medicare Better Access to Psychologists Program.  

To make a referral under the Medicare Better Access to Psychologists Program a Mental Health Care Plan (or 2710) will be required. We have attached an Assessment Referral Resource as recommended by leading psychology think tank, the Black Dog Institute. You can meet the referral requirements by filling out this mental healthcare plan.

LifeConnect is a private practice with highly qualified registered Psychologists. All our services are billable. Medicare’s Better Access to Psychologists Program offers some financial assistance to patients requiring treatment for specific diagnosable disorders.